GoJS version 1.6.11

Changes for 1.6.11:

  • Improved loading for Pattern Brushes.
  • Diagram.makeSvg now handles Pattern Brushes.
  • Fixed a bug introduced in 1.6.5 where some Key presses unintentionally bubbled.
  • Fixed an issue with setting location not always updating the diagram.
  • Improved event handling on devices that use Pointer events (e.g., Microsoft Surface)
  • Added the OrthogonalLinkReshapingTool extension. See OrthogonalLinkReshapingTool.js for the extension’s code. This extension can be used to allow for dragging of an entire orthogonal link segment, allowing for quick reshaping without needing to drag points.
  • Improved orientation of Link Adornments along segments where both endpoints have the same location.

For older changes, see GoJS version 1.6.10