GoJS version 1.6.13

Changes for 1.6.13:

  • Renamed the TypeScript definition file from release/goJS.d.ts to release/go.d.ts.
  • Auto panels with a GraphObject.desiredSize set now account for Shape.strokeWidth if their main object is a Shape.
  • Fixed mouseUp erroneously blocking bubbling.
  • Fixed some touchMove events erroneously bubbling, causing the page to pan while. This behavior began in 1.6.5.
  • Improved how often Adornments get updated. They are now removed if the Adornment.adornedObject is removed from the Part. They are now updated during the operation of DraggingTool and other Tools.
  • Changed when Diagrams receive browser focus. Diagram DOM elements are now focused on mouseUp/touchEnd, or when a tool starts. Previously it was on mouseDown/touchStart. This is to ensure
    clicks and touches occur at the appropriate location before the browser scrolls the DIV upon focus.
  • Fixed spurious caution message about inability to route the LinkingBaseTool.temporaryLink the first time the user tries to draw a new link.

For older changes, see: GoJS version 1.6.12