GoJS version 2.1.16

Changes for 2.1.16

  • Added the Animated Focus sample, which demonstrates how to scroll to a node and really make it obvious where the node is and what it looks like.
  • Added the Add To Palette sample, which allows the user to add items from the palette by selecting a node, customizing it, and then executing a command to copy it to the palette’s model. The user can also remove selected items from the palette via a command, even though Palette.isReadOnly is true.
  • Fixed Diagram.makeImage when a Picture has an SVG source that has a different size than its viewbox. In some browsers the SVGs had been drawn with the incorrect aspect ratio.
  • Fixed Diagram.delayInitialization incorrectly resetting the Diagram.position when animation is enabled.

For previous releases, see: GoJS version 2.1.15

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