GoJS version 2.1.51

Changes for 2.1.51

  • The TextEditingTool, when the user has entered an invalid text string, has always called any TextBlock.errorFunction and then continued showing the text editor so that the user could fix their text entry. The TextEditingTool.doError method now calls any TextBlock.errorFunction and also calls HTMLInfo.show on the TextEditingTool.currentTextEditor. This will allow an override of TextEditingTool.doError not to continue showing the editor. If you have not overridden that method, which was new in 2.1, this change will not affect you.
  • Fixed Model.fromJson not to substitute instances of classes such as Point and Size when the Object’s “class” property had a value that is “Point” or “Size”. The property value must be what is produced by Model.toJson, which uses values such as “go.Point” or “go.Size”. The documentation lists all of the substitution cases that Model.fromJson handles.
  • Fixed a regression from 2.1.43 which caused some links to animate routes incorrectly upon dragging.
  • Fixed loading Images used as a Picture.element.
  • Improved some AvoidsNodes routing of Links when connecting Nodes in different Groups and the Groups are not Group.avoidable.
  • Fixed using multiple license keys.

Previous release: GoJS version 2.1.50