graduatedSkip not working as expected?

GoJs version: 2.2.8

We have graduated panels that we use as input sliders or knobs. We want to display a scale of value between min and max with standardized increments that looks like this: 0.25, 0.50 or 1.

The initial problem:

graduatedTickUnit: 1,
graduatedMin: 0,
graduatedMax: 10.1,

The increments will be 1 but the last tick will be 10 and 10.1 will not be displayed. So here the increments are correct but we need to find a way to always display the maximum as the last tick.

Potential solution to this problem:
Our idea was to set graduatedTickUnit to 0.1, or anything that fits the floating point precision of min or max, and use graduatedSkip to skip the ticks that we dont want. Something like this:

const graduatedSkip = (v) => {
    const value = Number(v.toFixed(1));

    return !(
      Number.isInteger(value) ||
      value === graduatedMin ||
      value === graduatedMax

The problem with graduatedSkip:
This works fine for displaying the ticks exactly as we want but it seems like if all the “skipped” ticks are still taken into account for positionning or something like that because when we set a range of like 0-100.1 the ticks will simply not show up even though they are mostly skipped and there are still plenty of space for them (the visible ones). here’s a codesandbox demonstrating this problem:
GoJs Knob with graduatedSkip

If you change the graduatedMax to something lower like 13.3 it will work fine but not with higher values. It also depends on the size of the widget or if it is resizable.

Our questionning:
Is it the intended behavior for the graduatedSkip or is it bugged ?

And/Or is there a better solution to our initial problem ?

This does seem like a bug. We’ll investigate.

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As far as the skip issue, this has been fixed and will be out with the next release, which may be in a week or so.

I’m not sure if there’s a better solution for your initial problem, but can you display the “10.1” tick in some other way using an additional Shape in your Panel? Or would that be too annoying to position in your case?

Great !

Yes the additional Shape was something we talked about but it’s a last case scenario for us since, as you said, it will be hard to position it right and may not work as expected for all cases.

Thanks for the quick reply.

Thanks Simon for your response.

When you will publish the next release ?

@ZiedHf Probably by the end of this week.

@ZiedHf GoJS 2.2.10 has just been released, which contains this fix.

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