How to allow move diagram in Org Chart editor

Hi Gojs Team, i practiced in this example of Org Chart Editor while whole diagram moving its not working in horizontal, or vertical, might be it will work either horizontal or vertical, if it work both direction could you tell me what i want do in the diagram template.

I do not understand the question. It might help to show two small screenshots: one before and one after your desired action.

The Org Chart Editor sample limits the selection to hold at most one Part. So the user cannot perform a SelectAll command in order to move the whole diagram without scrolling the diagram.

Yes,your Right Walter, i can scrolling only for vertical direction in diagram not in horizontal direction,In gojs will support only one direction for that samples or we can make horizontal and vertical scrolling also , if its possible can you guide me.where i need to change both direction in the gojs diagram template.

Then One more think ,if i double click in background one new node(new person) will create , and if i move some location it will move , after refresh the page the moved node will add in vertical or horizontal gojs default
Behavior or i need to change anything on template

The Org Chart Editor sample places no restrictions on scrolling other than the standard constraint of always keeping the Diagram.documentBounds within the viewport.

Thanks Walter,i can get the Coordinate point but i need to drag diagram in both direction horizontal and vertical but its taking either one direction only.can you please guide me where i need to change for both direction in layout.

I can scroll the Org Chart Ecitor diagram both horizontally and vertically, as far as the Diagram.documentBounds allow within the viewport.

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