How to call print dialog & print various sized landscpe print outs

Dear Friends,
I am trying to create chart horizontally & vertically big size. For example it has got more than 100 nodes and each has got more subnodes. I want to print those chart in the end. sometimes a4 size (landscape) some times in a big plotter print outs. Already i gone through below link.

it convers as image and loaded… but i want to print like msword. or pls guide me to go in the right way. my chart will be like that in this link. pls help me.

Thanks and Regards,
Syed Abdul Rahim

I do not understand what the problem is. Are you unable to setup the @media print CSS rules?

You could hide all of those images from the page when not printing.

Dear Mr.Walter,

Greetings! thanks for your reply. iam tying to create the chart like :

in nwoods tutorial they mentioned if i want to take big page print out, i have to split as different images and print. I dont want to split,

in case if i want to print same like in msword we are calling print dialong and print the page what should i do? or if i press a button it should print in the a4 or big pllotter print.

Please guide me how can i achieve this?

Thanks and Regards,
Syed Abdul Rahim

If you do not want to print on multiple pages, you can specify the size option which will cause the rendering to automatically scale to fit the given Size. Choose a size that is appropriate for your printer.

Please read GoJS Making SVG -- Northwoods Software. If you are going to print a large area, I recommend rendering to SVG rather than to a bitmap image, due to the memory requirements of bitmaps when trying to get good resolution.

k thks i will try and get back to u.