Misaligned Link toArrow for Beizer curve


The toArrow for a link having curve set to Bezier do not align properly with the link, how can I align the arrow in the direction of the link. Or is there any other way I can achieve what is shown in the screenshot below.

Basically I want to have arrows aligned with the links instead of being always appear as if the links are straight horizontal line.

Expected Output:

Actual out which I am getting while using curve as Bezier, below is the output I am getting and also the linkTemplate used.

Actual Output: (Misaligned arrows)

go.Link, {
curve: go.Link.Bezier,
fromShortLength: -2,
toShortLength: -3,
selectable: false,
relinkableFrom: false,
relinkableTo: false,
reshapable: false
self.goMake(go.Shape, {
strokeWidth: 1,

            self.goMake(go.Shape, {
                toArrow: "OpenTriangle",

Am I doing anything wrong or am I missing some properties to use. Please help.


I suggest that you greatly increase the value of either Link.toEndSegmentLength or GraphObject.toEndSegmentLength. (And perhaps do the same at the “from…” end.)