Placing nodes in group

Can you please give me a solution for this, i mean drag and drop a node continuously in top of of each node in each time, it will look like this can you assist, swimlane template

You show what is happening, but you don’t show what you want instead.

sorry, if drag and drop a node again and again on top of the node, that one not place already drop of the node, 2nd one drag and drop of the exist node above that 2nd node have not place above of the previous node. exactly when i tried to drop a 2nd node top of the existing node it cannot be place on previous screen shots that one will place new wont to allow overlapping. look this screen shots is we need

It sounds like you want the Group.layout to lay out the nodes in the way that you want each time that the user drops a node into the group. So Layout.isOngoing should not be set to false on that Layout.

i set isOngoing: true, after the node is arranging one bye one i mean look like this screen shots.

what i need exact just drag and drop a node that one wont to arrange down, next to node may be left or right don’t be in top or bottom. because it will affect the hole product. just drop a new node in top of any node that one place in next to any node do not in bottom

What is the value of Group.layout? It appears that when given a bunch of disconnected nodes it arranges them in a vertical column. Maybe you want to use GridLayout instead.

this one is not working for me. layout: $(go.GridLayout,
{ comparer: go.GridLayout.smartComparer }),

Could you please be more specific about what the problem is?

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