Toolbar for Links

Is there a way to create Toolbar for Links?
Something like this

I’ve tried to use this example Selection Adornment Buttons but I didn’t manage to do this.

As this topic discussed, Link Adornments are assumed to be of Panel.type go.Panel.Link.

I don’t know if anything else is possible right now. We can investigate.

yes, you are right.
Could you inform me about your ideas or solutions when they will be ready?

I think the inability to do what you want is an oversight (i.e. bug) on our part. We were being too draconian in making every selection Adornment on a Link have Panel.type be “Link”.

Try the 1.8.15 beta library that is at GoJS - Build Interactive Diagrams for the Web. If you want the Placeholder to occupy the whole area of the Link, you’ll need to give the whole Link a non-empty-string name, and then refer to that as the Link.selectionObjectName. This is a bit awkward, but we need to maintain compatibility with the common cases, where one does normally expect the Adornment to be a “Link” Panel.